Wat is het nut van een eiwitshake?

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Er wordt al snel een link gelegd tussen een eiwitshake en een gespierd lichaam. Maar klopt dit eigenlijk wel? Kan je echt gespierd worden door zo’n shake?

Waarvoor heb je eiwitten nodig?

Eiwitten zijn voor belangrijke bouwstenen voor je lichaamscellen. Je hebt eiwitten nodig voor de opbouw en het behoud van je spieren. Eiwitten dienen ook als bouwstoffen voor je huid, organen en hormonen. Je lichaam gebruikt de eiwitten onder andere voor groei, onderhoud of herstel. De eiwitbehoefte verschilt per persoon. Iemand die fanatiek sport heeft meer eiwitten nodig dan iemand die niet sport. Je hoeft niet meerdere shakes te drinken op een dag, als je al genoeg eiwitten haalt uit je normale voedingspatroon.

Gezonde eiwitrijke producten

Eiwitten kun je halen uit veel verschillende voeding. Kip, vis, ei en magere melk zijn voorbeelden van gezonde dierlijke eiwitrijke producten. Ook plantaardige producten kunnen veel eiwitten bevatten. Hierbij kan je denken aan volkorenbrood, zilvervliesrijst, volkorenpasta, bonen, linzen en noten. Van de plantaardige producten bestaan er ook eiwitshakes. Een vegan eiwitshake bestaat vaak uit kikkererwten. Het eiwitpoeder van een vegan eiwitshake kan ook bestaan uit rijst- of soja-eiwitten. Een vegan eiwitshake bevat minder suiker en vetten ten opzichte van gebruikelijke proteïne. Ook bevat een vegan eiwitshake vijf keer zoveel vezels.

Eiwitshakes zijn zeker niet ongezond, maar in de shakes zitten meestal minder voedingsstoffen dan in vlees, vis of noten. Het is slecht voor je om een eenzijdig voedingspatroon te ontwikkelen. Als je eiwitshakes drinkt, val je niet zomaar af. Je zal ook op de rest van je voeding moeten letten, anders heb je juist de kans dat je aankomt.

Welke shake is het beste?

Je kan kiezen uit een eiwitshake met plantaardige eiwitten of dierlijke eiwitten. Er zit weinig verschil in. In plantaardige eiwitten zitten meestal net wat minder essentiële aminozuren en BCAA’s. Uit onderzoek is nog niet gebleken of een plantaardige eiwitshake en een vegan eiwitshake net zo goed zijn voor de spieropbouw als whey-eiwit. Uit onderzoek is gebleken dat je het niet uitmaakt wanneer je een eiwitshake drinkt. Het gaat om de totale eiwitopname per dag. Er is dus op dit moment nog geen perfecte eiwitshake, maar wij bevelen een vegan eiwitshake aan.
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An advanced system for time registration within your business

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Are you looking for ways to make time registration within your business more efficient? Then EasySecure International has got you covered with their advanced time tracking systems. This provider specializes in creating time tracking solutions for all types of businesses. It does not matter whether you are looking for a solution for a supermarket, a hospital, an industrial site or a daycare facility: the time registration within your business will be taken to the next level by these specialists!

Optimize your time tracking procedure

The time registration systems from EasySecure International are mainly focused on biometrics. Do you wonder why? Because biometrics provide the most accurate results and eliminate the possibility to forget codes or cards. Biometrics simply stand for convenience and safety. However, it is not obligated to have a system that operates with biometrics if you want to do business with these specialists. They also provide systems that operate with cards, codes and / or smartphones. All of their registration scanners are equipped with a card reader and key pad, to allow entrance in any of the former mentioned ways. This way, your employees always have a choice. This results in them willingly adopting the system and working with your business towards better time registration.

Are you curious? The specialists are happy to help

Do you wonder what exact time registration system works for your organization? Or would you like to receive more information about their advanced time registration solutions in general? Then use the contact details on the EasySecure International website and get in touch with the company for more information and to ask any questions you may have. If you are interested in adopting one of their systems within your business, the specialists are happy to help you make a decision. Do not wait any longer and discover for yourself why many organizations are greatly satisfied with the time registration systems!
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How To Make The Most From Your Photobooth Experience At Sydney

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Photobooth Sydney helps in preserving cherished memories of your special occasion. If you want to create amazing photos with your family or friends then you can hire a photobooth company to do the job for you. There are so many companies offering you photo booth rental services, however, you must ensure that you choose the right service provider that suits your requirements.

One of the top Photo Booth services offered online is Paradise Photo Booth. They are experts in the field of taking great family photographs and have years of experience in providing the best quality pictures at affordable prices.

In order to ensure that you get quality services for an affordable price, there are certain simple tips that can be followed.


Before choosing a photobooth company, it is advisable to carry out research to find out what exactly you need. You need to know whether you are hiring a one-man unit, or if there are two or more persons involved. This decision will also determine the amount that you will be paying. You should also consider other aspects such as the duration of time for which you need the service, and if you want the photos to be printed on photo papers or card.


Once you know all about the types of services offered by different companies then it is time to choose a photobooth Sydney dealer. You may be thinking that finding the right company is difficult. However, you can easily find out the various services provided by a photo booth Sydney dealer by doing a search on the internet. The information you get will enable you to know how to compare between companies and make the right choice.

There are some things that you need to keep in mind when choosing a photo booth Sydney dealer. Some of these are discussed below.


The pricing of the services offered by photobooth Sydney dealers is usually on a per hour basis. Most of the companies offer various packages depending on the number of hours required for taking photos. If you want a low price then it is best to select the unlimited packages offered by reputed companies. However, if you are on a tight budget then it would be better to select the smaller sized photo booths.


Before selecting any particular company to rent photo booths Sydney, it is important to check out the credentials of the company. A good company will be accredited with the Department of Transport. You should also be able to check whether the company has received any complaints filed against it. Most of the reputed companies will have a website where you will be able to view customer testimonials.


A good photo booth Sydney dealer will provide you with all the facilities you need for taking photos in a safe and controlled environment. These include LCD screens and a number of photo effects. You can choose from special effects like slow shutter speed, fog, smoke, and laser light. Moreover, you can also choose the background. You can either use the real setting or the one provided by the photo booth manufacturer.


A good photo booth dealer will also provide additional features to make your photo booth experience even better. For instance, you can request them to dim the lights or reduce background noise. You can also request them to reduce the image resolution or flip your image during the photo-shooting process. They will be happy to accommodate your wishes.


When you select a photo booth Sydney dealer, it is best to find out whether they offer customization services. This means that they can add or remove partitions or coverings so that your photos are the most effective. They can also add or remove background effects like adding a smiley face or animated text. You will definitely want all these features if you want the maximum effectiveness from your photo booth Sydney experience.

Click here to find out all the details

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Is this the ULTIMATE cycle light?

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In a single hour, the amount of power from the sun that strikes the Earth is more than the entire world consumes in a year. How come we do not use that free energy more often? A simple example is the new Rydon bicycle light that has an integrated solar panel. The energy from the solar panel is stored into a battery and will stop you from recharging the battery manually. Sounds logical, let’s see how it works.


Bicycle lights can be a bit frustrating; the cheap lights are often forgotten, stolen or just simply break. The more expensive lights are great, but you need to take them of your bicycle and recharge them regularly. The idea of a premium light that automatically charges the battery with a solar panel sounds promising. The Rydon uses a high capacity battery enough for 50 hours of light, that is a lot, most lights are between 10-20 hours. Normally 50 hours of light is enough for one winter but even on cloudy days in the winter, the Rydon will charge the battery with its integrated solar panel. The charging becomes much more efficient in spring and summer. After a few weeks outside in the summer the battery will be completely charged.  


The Rydon comes with a hefty stainless-steel clip and screw, the idea is that you permanently mount it on your bicycle. Rydon founder Hugo van de Watering explains: “The Rydon needs to catch as much sunlight as possible, so our light is permanently mounted and will charge throughout the entire summer when your bicycle is outside. Another benefit is that you can never forget your light, because it is already on your bicycle”. 



The idea of leaving a light on your bicycle seems somewhat strange, although other accessories like a saddle for example is usually more expensive and also mounted with a single screw. The design of the Rydon light is very durable with a 3 mm thick metal housing and stainless-steel parts all around. The Dutch bicycle light has two modes; an eco-mode with around 50 lumen and a boost mode with 300 lumen. The Rydon lights are available in the web shop of Rydon. Not the cheapest light out there but a solid solution that will last for years. The Rydon bicycle light is a great example of a sustainable solution that makes life easier.
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Ask a secret expert

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marketing research book

The Secret Expert by Michael Mikalko is an incredibly addictive book that is really hard to come by. High-quality design, rich and boring content – this is exactly what every reader expects from the book of the author of the legendary “Rice Storm”.

The main idea of ​​the book is to learn to think outside the box. What is non-standard? When we do not use standard thinking patterns in solving issues, but create something really new. Ideas that did not exist before. How can this be achieved?

What is an idea?

An idea is a combination of two completely different concepts into a single whole. How it works? Let’s remember how the typewriter was invented. Christopher Scholes, observing the pianist, noticed that each key of the piano produces one note. He thought, what if the same can be done for letters, making a kind of “writing machine.” No sooner said than done! Thus, combining two completely opposite concepts: piano and letters, a typewriter appeared, the legacy of which, i.e. keyboard, people all over the world use to this day.

Another interesting example. The American road services have long pondered how to make sure that drivers on certain sections of the road cease to exceed the speed limit. Standard means: road signs, cameras, mobile patrols, were of little help. Then it was decided to convene a special committee, which held a brainstorming session. What non-standard means will force drivers to slow down? One of the participants began to reflect: I usually slow down when I see something beautiful on the road. For example, a beautiful landscape or an unusual installation. After a little thought, the experts decided to do the following. They called in a 3D graffiti artist. The task was to draw a pit on the road. No sooner said than done! The pit turned out to be so similar to the real one that the drivers, seeing something dark on the road, instinctively reduced their speed. Then they realized that there was no danger, the surface was flat and drove on. In this non-standard way, the road services managed to reduce the speed on the roads by about 50%.

What will help you generate non-standard ideas?

Look at the problem from a different angle, then the solution will come much easier. Just a few minutes of thought can increase our productivity and speed of thinking. How can this be achieved? Program yourself. Scientists conducted a study in which one group was asked to focus on words associated with aging and decline. At the same time, another group was tasked with focusing on words that are associated with energy and progress. Important. People just read these words for a while, not convincing themselves that they in any way relate to them. After a while, this strange experiment ended. And here’s what surprised scientists a little. Those who concentrated on “weak” words went home much more slowly, hunched their shoulders, dragged their feet, as if they had really become old people. Those. these people literally instilled in themselves a pattern of behavior in such a short time. A completely different picture was with those who focused their attention on “strong” words.

Thus, we only need to change our perception to start looking at the world in a completely different way.

What is perception?

Perception is a subjective process that depends on the moment, the task, and your experience. Psychologists have found that our brain interprets the image between the eye and consciousness, influencing thinking. Even before we see the surrounding space, the brain already interprets it so that it is consistent with our beliefs, and blocks what we do not want to let into our consciousness. That is why many specialists do not want to see something that clearly contradicts their research, and their experiments only confirm previously put forward hypotheses. People tend to only notice what they want.

To reduce your thinking bias, always try to explore things from all angles. This leads us to create a new point of view.

What is a new point of view?

The formation of a new point of view is nothing more than a cycle of ideas and opposing objects. Which, in turn, creates completely unprecedented and unthinkable combinations. Many of which lead to the formation of new breakthrough projects. To create a new point of view, the author recommends using the reverse heuristic method, i.e. combining opposite objects. According to this logic, if an object performs one function, it can be combined with one that performs the opposite. For example, at one time, engineers combined a pencil and an eraser, a hammer with a nailer, etc.

Your product is almost ready. Now forget about him

Let’s say you think for a very long time about your project that will change the world. You have used all the techniques for generating ideas. But you are missing a few key details. What to do? Remember Mendeleev and let go. Let the cocktail of ideas and thoughts about the project sit in your head. Forget about your project for a while and do completely different things. After some time, completely unexpectedly, a secret expert will visit you. Who is it? This is your subconscious mind, which has analyzed all the data and gives you the answer to the question that has long tormented you. The solution to key questions about the table of chemical elements came to Mendeleev in a dream. Relax, the idea is already coming to you. What if there is no answer for a long time? Try to turn to your unconscious again. Give him more information. Sooner or later, when you are relaxed and your thoughts are far from the project, the answer will magically appear in your head.

Think positively

What for? Weird question. Because positive thinking, like fertile soil, contributes to the formation of good, quality and strong ideas in your head. Depression, stress and anxiety will confuse the focus of self-flagellation with invention. And this, believe me, is far from conducive to creative thinking.

How to develop positive thinking in yourself? Very simple. Get rid of denials. Instead of saying “I don’t have …”, say “I have …”. Over time, you will develop a positive outlook on life and change your perspective on your work and life. Work with your thoughts and what you say. Literally, watch your language. Try not to use aggressive phrases in your speech. For example, the word “stunning” is aggressive and is best replaced by “awesome.” It sounds funny, but these words really program your behavior and attitude towards the world. By paying attention to aggressive phrases and replacing them with calm ones, we can change our view of the world and become kinder.

Make the world a better place

And the world will answer you the same. How many spontaneous good deeds do you do in a day? We are sure that you can count on the fingers of one hand. It won’t work that way! Do a spontaneous good deed, help a complete stranger. You will be surprised how after this act your view of the world will be transformed. There will be no trace of defeatist or aggressive.

Life is a fight

It’s important to come out victorious. The author gives an interesting example. Butterfly Peacock’s Eye, one of the most beautiful butterflies in the world, is very difficult to get out of the cocoon. The hole is so tiny that the butterfly has to use incredible effort and ingenuity to get out. However, if you decide to help the poor creature and widen the hole a little, then this will lead to rather tragic consequences. The butterfly will have a swollen body and shriveled wings. It will remain that way for the rest of its life and will never take off again.

Life shows us that sometimes fighting and resisting various troubles is exactly what we need to become truly alive.

Stop clutching at the past

Let’s do a little thought experiment. Imagine that you are a climber. You have to climb to the top by the end of the day by all means. This is the goal of your whole life, and there is not so much time for its implementation. And so, you spend a lot of effort, wash your hands, feet and knees in blood. Very little remains to the top. You sit down on a small ledge to rest a bit. A little later, a second climber comes up to you. Perhaps he has similar goals to me, you think. But no. The climber turns out to be a little strange. He takes the rope, ties himself, gives the other end to you and asks you to hold it for a while. Then, making sure you hold on tight, he jumps down. Almost falling with the climber, you can barely hold this rope. You shout to him to get up. But he doesn’t hear you. He only asks you to hold this rope and not let go of him. You beg, cry, pull the rope overhead, but you don’t have the strength to pull the second climber. You ask him to grab any ledge and climb down the mountain or climb back up. But he does not pay attention to your requests. He only asks to hold this damned rope. Your time is passing, and your strength becomes less and less. You understand that a little bit more and you will not have time to fulfill the goal of your whole life. Thus, you are faced with a serious dilemma: try with all your might to save the life of a strange and unfamiliar climber, or to fulfill the goal of your whole life.

In the author’s thought experiment, you drop the rope and walk to the top. Why? Because the strange climber is our past, which incessantly limits and pulls down.

Get rid of the shackles, let go of your past. And move forward with new ideas and experiences!

….. more info can be found here «Road to 100k Instagram Followers»!

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Painting equals a good spray paint job

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There are many ways change up the look of your home. One way is by painting, either the walls or the furniture, maybe even making some art to decorate your house. Yet a popular way of changing the inside of your home is by painting the walls with a paint sprayer. Paint sprayers have experienced an increase in popularity because they are fast and generally easy to use. But the end result does depend on a few factors. First of all the craftsmanship of the person using the paint sprayer. Again paint sprayers are not that hard to use, but experience will definitely make a difference when painting. However the quality of the equipments the painter is using and the state that equipment is in will make a difference as well. Professionals will make sure they use the best wagner paint sprayer. But once you have used the sprayer, you have to keep in a good state as well. One of the most important things to do so is by cleaning it after every use. This is done through ultrasonic cleaning. This is a very quick and yet effective way of cleaning your paint sprayer. This system uses high vibration frequency which ensures clean equipment. Even small dents or holes will be thoroughly cleaned. All painting residue will be vibrated off the surface of your paint sprayer. You do have to apply cleaning fluid, the combination of the vibrations and the cleaning fluid will make sure you paint sprayer stays in tact and in great condition. Cleaning your paint sprayer is very important. By doing so with ultrasonic cleaning you make sure the sprayer is maintained well. Good maintenance equals less failure or disturbances. Cleaning will lengthen the life of you paint spraying equipment in general. So your next paint job will be smooth and you will have the best result.
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