Tips for buying your first sim racing steering wheel

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If you enjoy racing games, you will probably have a lot of fun in a sim racing simulator. However a decent simulator can be quite expensive, so most people start with a sim racing steering wheel. A good steering wheel can already make a huge difference in your gaming experience and it will most likely improve your driving skills as well. But which steering wheels on the market are the best for you? These tips will help you make a decision.  

Cheap or expensive?

As sim racing is getting more and more popular you’ll find a lot of different sim racing steering wheels in shops, online and offline. The price range is enormous. You can buy fairly cheap ones for under a hundred dollars, but there are a lot of expensive options (over a thousand dollars) as well. When it comes to buying a sim racing steering wheel you often get what you pay for. So, obviously, a more expensive steering wheel is made of more high-quality material and comes with more options. It is often better to save up for a more expensive steering wheel instead of buying a cheap one. 

If you buy a cheaper or expensive steering wheel is totally up to you, but make sure to don’t waste your money on buying a steering wheel without force feedback. Force feedback is what makes racing games more realistic as it simulates how a real steering wheel would act in a race. 

Realistic feel

Another quite important factor of a sim racing wheel is realism. If you’re really looking for an optimal sim-racing experience your sim steering wheel should have a realistic feel. It makes racing more exciting and will give you more control over the car in the game. A good suggestion is to try multiple steering wheels in the store or ask friends if you can borrow a sim steering wheel to try it out. If you know your personal preference it makes it easier to make the right decision.
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